If I died and went to heaven, I imagine it would look like this.

¸© Simon Davidson


© 2012 Alexandra Bergman

© 2012 Alexandra Bergman

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Oh mighty winter, be merciful unto us this year..

© 2011 Alexandra Bergman

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I can’t see clearly today.

© Alexandra Bergman

Don’t know what it is the the color pink, I just can’t stay away from it.

© Alexandra Bergman

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I-15 Exit 75

We thought we were going on a short trip and that we’d find breakfast and gas on the way out. Our GPS soon told us differently, two hours later we luckily found us a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, beautiful as only a truck stop in the desert can be.

© Alexandra Bergman

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More images of Jokkmokk the winter wonderland

© Alexandra Bergman

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Going back to Vegas as well as Utah in about a month, this time I’ll also pay a visit to Salt Lake City. The scenery will be very much different though, and I’m really looking forward to see the desert in a shape that one assume a desert should be, hot, very hot.

© Alexandra Bergman